Sahara Sam's in NJ

Our second trip during Spring Break 2011 included a trip to Sahara Sam's - an indoor water park in West Berlin, NJ.  Everyone had a blast.   I had tickets leftover from December of 2009 - so the trip was free (I like free).  I had to sign waivers so the kids could ride the "flow rider" - sorta like an indoor way to surf.  Of course, since we're just at the beginning of the long course swim season, I reasoned with them that they could learn to boogie board on the flow rider, but no standing - there is no real need for broken  bones this season, right? 

They took quite a few spills before they figured out what they were doing.  There were a couple of older dudes there that obviously spent way too much time at the water park - they were able to do all types of tricks, but each session always ended with them wiping out (the wipe outs amused me for most of the afternoon - people would get thrown up the wall of water, and stand up trying to pull their swim suits up at the same time.  I saw one bloody nose, but that seemed to be the extent of injuries the entire afternoon.  I'm happy to say that except for a bump on the head that my oldest received - on a tube ride, not the flow rider - everyone remained injury free!)

Adam goes first - of course
Wayyy to easy mom!
He wipes out about 2 seconds after this picture was taken

Nadia goes next


Laura said…
Love the pics! And what did mom do???

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