New Life -

I've had this plant since we moved into our house 5+ years ago.  It was a bit more than I usually pay for a hanging plant  - but it was an unusual color, and it flowered.  It has survived winters in my laundry room, where I was lucky to water it once or twice during the entire season.  Every spring it would come back as full as when I got it.  This year I put it outside, watered it, and watched it come back to life .... but then ....  a friendly bird decided that our front porch was just the spot for her nest.  Being the home school mom that I am, I figured it'd be a great opportunity for the kids to watch how a bird intricately weaves a nest.  Of course, we helped out by putting out hair from our brushes for the nest, and bird seed to give her strength.  She worked hard on that nest, and then - she sat in the nest.  She flies away when we open our front door - but comes right back as soon as we leave the porch area.  So I held my camera up high to see what was going on in the nest ...

Looks like we'll be adding 3 new birds to our backyard collection !


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