How Quickly Time Passes

 A girlfriend of mine posted some old pictures on FB the other day. She was my best friend growing up, and we lost touch over the years, but thanks to FB we are slowly catching up again. Amazing how different our lives turned out.    Even back then I liked to cook and bake - although I wasn't allowed to in my kitchen at home !  This was taken at a friends house where we spent lots of time during the summer months and after school. 

This is Jodi and me standing in front of my very first car, a 1976 Buick LaSabre.  I paid $1,000 for that car way back then, but it was a trooper.  It took me back and forth to the Jersey shore every weekend during my Senior Year.  It may have averaged one flat tire a week, and it did once go completely underwater, but it always ran again (after the water incident, sometimes it wouldn't start up right away when it rained ... I think it developed a fear of water)

Jodi and I worked together on a couple summer projects.  We made way more money then the average girls did our ages.  We both had cars by then, so we were buying gas to get to the mall and back and forth to school. 
They were some very happy times back then.  She was a very good friend, and I'm glad she's back in my life.  If you have an old friend from High School or College that you haven't spoken to in a while, pick up that phone and catch up.  If you don't know where to find them - check the internet - it's amazing what you can do these days !


Laura said…
Gotta love those tube socks!!! You can search for others from your graduating class on fb and reconnect that way.
Valerie said…
Love those pics! My 2 best friends from those school days I have not been able to find on FB nor has any other friends been able to come up with contacts for them. Hopefully when I get home in a few weeks I'll see them and get them signed up on FB. I LOVE having FB to keep in touch with so many that you would not have contact with otherwise. So glad you were able to reconnect too.
Connie Sue said…
I love the pics!! It is great connecting with old friends.
Judy Gvili said…
Deb...that is so cool!!!

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