Swim Meets and Birthdays

 Can't believe that in only a few more years, there will be another driver in our house. December brings with it a birthday for my oldest. This year she didn't show much interest in what type of cake she wanted, so we let little brother pick .... obviously LOL


A week or so later, it was time to take my second oldest to a swim meet in Lancaster, PA.  I was thrilled, I'd have plenty of time to visit all those quilt shops that I never seem to get to because we usually have that younger brother pictured above with us (and combining him with a quilt shop would NOT be a good idea).  Overall I think I got maybe 15 minutes in one shop .... maybe next year.

But - Leenah did have a wonderful swim meet.   This was a qualifying meet, so only 20 of her teammates were attending, and more than half of those were older and swimming in the morning session.  She didn't have to swim until noontime, so we spent the night in my childhood home, and visited with family.

Her team did great, and with 4 girls in the same age group, they were even able to swim relays - which they did very well, dropping lots of time.
Funny how she's the youngest of the group, but easily the tallest - the other three girls are 12 turning 13 in the next few months, while she still has another year and a half before she gets to her teenage years. 

 She really likes swimming for "Coach Steve".  He never seems to have too much to say, but what he does have to say seems to inspire her to do well, and that's all that matters.  Steve's a nice guy. 
They all did really well in both relays.  The lost huge chunks of time from their entry time, and the coaches were pleased with their performance as a team.  I also finally managed to get a couple shots of her swimming - hard to do when they swim so darn fast !

 Here she is doing her favorite - Butterfly (well, favorite if it's a 100, not if it's a 200!)
And here she is doing Backstroke, her least favorite, but she must do it well, because the coaches keep putting her in it !

Great job Leenah.

 And a picture of another finish for 2010 - my Brothers Quilt.  I've been working on this one for a couple years off and on.  Not my style of fabric at all - but it's finished, I'm very happy with it - and I hope he likes it too.
 Happy Holidays Guys !


Laura said…
Great pix, Deb! I love that Mona matches her cake color! You did fabulous in the action shots! And the quilt is gorgeous! Not my choice either, but I can appreciate beautiful work!

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