My Best Friend Leaves, and a Dear Friend Visits -

Me and Cousin Jim

My husband travels often - I'm pretty used to it. This time around, I was having a harder time of it. I think he knew - although I know I didn't outwardly show it - it's just something that soulmates sense. Anyway - he left yesterday afternoon for the airport, and about 15 minutes before he was due to leave, my FAVORITE COUSIN

pulled in the driveway. He's from Michigan - where we used to go on our yearly one-week family vacation as children. I've had my own family up that way twice, the last time when Leenah (dd#2) was just 6 months old. My husband once football tackled a two foot long dog fish there - and was left with an impressive scar on his knees - just because he thought it was a "good eating kind of fish" (it wasn't).

Anyway - Cousin Jim's arrival made the departure of my husband much, much easier. No tears were shed, and although my heart still misses him, I'm O.K.

We had a wonderful visit with Cousin Jim. He brought a few photos - and thanks to the wonders of the internet I was able to catch up on his entire families lives. The kids were ready to hop on a plane and return to Michigan with him. I had to pinkie promise that we'd all go up to Michigan and swim at the lake next summer - so be forwarned !


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