Eid Mubarak

Most people that know me well, know I'm Muslim. I don't promote it - it is a very personal choice. I chose not to wear the hijab for personal reasons - and I don't require my daughters to wear it either - that is a choice for them to make as they get older. But when we attend prayer, we all wear hijab - I think they are very beautiful either way. At the end of Ramadan each year there is a 3 day holiday called Eid. As a Muslim family in a Christian country - it is harder on the kids - because most of their friends do not celebrate the same holidays. I do try and make the holiday special for them. This year after morning prayer and dd's softball game, we went to the boardwalk. While only intending to have lunch out - we were lucky enough to witness an airshow, play on the beach in beautiful September weather, and then even hit the amusement park. The kids rode the log flume and bumper cars, and had a spectacular time. The next day (yesterday), the Islamic Society of North America rented all the 6 Flag Amusement Parks acrossed our great nation. Last year it was super special - we never waited in line. This year more people heard about it - there were Muslims there from 100's of miles away. It was actually crowded, the kids actually had to wait in line up to an hour! It was great for them to see so many other young people from all walks of life that were celebrating along with them. We had a wonderful 12 hours of fun - a perfect ending to a wonderful holiday. So - Eid Mubarak to all my friends and family.


Laura said…
Super photos! DD#1 looks so much like you, I see that same impish smile :-)
Kay said…
Educational and new Photos!!! ++ in my book.

Hugs to those beautiful girls and Mr. Adam from their Nebraska "Auntie".

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