Swim Coaches Quilt Complete -

Will mail it off to my favorite long arm quilter (I'm not sharing her name here so as not to make her soooo busy, she'll never have time for MY quilts LOL - but if I know ya - go ahead and email me and I'll share the info - she's great !!!)

JO's were this past weekend - dd#2 turned in some awesome times. No, she wasn't the top of her age group - but she still has another entire year at the same age group whereas everyone else she was swimming with will move up at the end of this month - so she has plenty of time to move to the very top. She sent a swim cap to Michael Phelps - wonder if he'll sign in and send it back - should be interesting.

Anyway - here's some pics of the completed top.


Farmee said…
Cool quilt, duck. Hope your bday was grand. Did you get my card?

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