March 31, 2009

Wow - 1/4 of the year is gone by already - and I'm right where I was when 2009 started. So..... I rejoined WW. It worked before - it'll work again. I'm going to try a new meeting time/leader. Perhaps that'll be the kick I need. Went to a talk today about ADD and the food we eat. Very interesting. Described ds to a "T". So - while he's on vacation, the girls and I are going to try out a few new foods and see how they taste. Those that make the grade will be going into our pantry - those that don't will be marked off. Going to try and stay away from dyes to start. And MSG of course. Maybe will pick up some of the books from the library.

On the other hand - quilting - haven't gotten much done yet. The swim coaches quilt is done and quilted, just need to put a binding on it. Going to just label it as a thank you from all the parents - I don't think it'll ever be a heirloom - so no need to trace it's roots!

My Bro came by over the weekend for a visit - he lives up near Amish country - told me I should sell some of my quilts - but I think it would be hard to part with them.

Fish and rice for dinner tonight - salad and peas for veggies. Cheese danish for dessert - not that we need dessert - but since it's the last days for the boys - they deserve it.

Until tomorrow -


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