Not the Results She Wanted - P2Life, Cytosport Muscle Milk

After training 6 days a week, 3 hours a day, my dd #2 was sick days before they were to leave for their Championship Meet.  Sick like never before.  Sinuses clogged, ear infection so bad she couldn't hear out of one ear, constantly blowing her nose, and generally just feeling like crap.  Even though I took her to Urgent care and got her on Meds - it didn't help much.  It got so bad she blew her nose one day in the locker room and nearly passed out --- luckily for her, her teammates were right behind her to catch her and guide her to a bench so she could sit down and ride out the blackness and dizziness.  She said although it hurt like hell - she could hear again.  I'm hoping she blew out the infection - but I'll be taking her to the Doctors today to make sure she didn't blow out her eardrum.

Anyway - it was a good life lesson --- you don't always get what you think you deserve, even though I do think she did deserve a great meet - there will be more meets down the road.

Now - off to order her some more Protein Powder.  We originally started with P2Life because it didn't contain anything that would ever disqualify her from a higher meet if she was ever drug tested.  We switched because we weren't at that level yet, and the P2Life was a bit more expensive than other stuff.  Well - that being said, we are going back to P2Life protein powder - the others are either sickly sweet, or don't disolve well .... I'd rather spend the extra money and have something she doesn't have to gulp down simply because it tastes like crap !!


Update --- well, I went to P2Life... and they no longer make Vanilla.  She's not a big fan of Chocolate or Strawberry --- so I was in search of something new.  Problem with her that it has to be NCAA approved when she gets to college - so we might as well start that now.  Settled on this - lots of different Division 1 colleges recommend this, so we'll give it a shot.  Good news is it comes in many different flavors -

  UPDATE --- too sweet !!  If you like a sweet milkshake like drink than this might work for you, but it's not for us. 

Also ordered myself some new liquid vitamins.  Now that I'm back to the gym and working out - I need the extra vitamins.  These were originally recommended to me by a nutritionist...I stopped using them because they were expensive ($80) but they did make me feel great with lots of extra energy - so ordered them from Amazon


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