Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good News Thursday

Although it's not Thursday anymore - but I was lucky enough to spend a couple days away from home on a little mini-retreat.  Of course, with 4 kids at home, I still stopped by one day (we were only 15 minutes away) and kept in constant contact, but overall it was wonderful to just relax.

We stayed at Harrah's Waterfront Hotel and Casino.  We don't gamble, so it was simply to relax and enjoy ourselves.  The hubster had to work both days, and had tennis matches both nights, so I was mostly on my own.

Day one consisted of a pedicure for me.  If you've never been to the Red Door Spa - I urge you to go!  It's more expensive then your local nail place - but it's soooo worth it.  Next time I'll make my appt. on a day where I can also use the spa ... more on that later !

Dinner on day one consisted of me going to our local Olive Garden - with a stop at home to drop off sodas and a credit card so the kids could order pizza the next day.  I ate my dinner back at the hotel, and the hubster ate part of his a few hours later (we found a fridge disguised as part of a dresser - behind doors - classy!

Day Two - I woke to a beautiful sunrise - this was the view from our room on the 38th floor. 

Beautiful.  After a breakfast of leftovers from Olive Garden - I decided to check out the pool.  The hubster had to leave as he was expecting an appliance delivery at one of our rentals.  The pool was also magnificent -

Although I did learn that in order to have a lounger type chair - you either need to get there pretty early, or else reserve one the day before for $10.  I found a table and a booth and chairs, so I made myself comfortable - if I had found an empty lounger - it would have been a perfect day all around.  The hubster made it back around 3 - tried the pool which was cool, spent a few minutes with me in the jaccuzzi - which was a warm 102°, and then went next door to the Red Door Spa to check out what they offered (with our Living Social Deal we had 2 free day passes!)  He was back about 90 minutes later encouraging me to go - he had to leave for yet another tennis match - so I went.  The hot tub was wonderful, and much quieter since it was women only.  The steam room was awesome as was the sauna.  Love the robe and slippers - I could have spend way much more time here. 
Dinner the final night was at the waterfront buffet.  The hubster made it back in time to eat with me - it was nice.  One guy cooked me a perfectly rare steak, hard to find these days when everyone burns the crap out of your meat so that there is no chance of any diseases.  The seafood was good.  The desserts awesome of course.  I will be going back again - soon if Living Social posts any kind of deal!  But until then, I'll just relax with my memories, and work outside getting the yard ready for summer - and burn off all those awesome desserts !

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