My daughter swims for a wonderful local swim team.  We got lucky - it was the first team we choose when we moved to the area.  There were 3 local teams - but the other 2 have slowly dwindled because of parental interference.  There best swimmers have moved to our team.  Our team is full to capacity - of the best swimmers in the area.  It amazes me what my daughter and her teammates achieve everyday at practice.  One of the things that their head coach has his Senior group doing is each week, 2 of the swimmers are assigned a letter of the alphabet, and they find a word for that letter that has something to do with swimming - and life in general. 

The word from last week was Discipline.  While we all understand the discipline needed to attend practice 3 hours everyday, 6 days a week - in order to continue to get better.  We all understand the discipline needed to not go to a sleepover or a birthday party the night before a meet, to say no to friends when they are going to the movies, because you need to go to practice, but one of the points hit home for me.

Discipline - as to what you put in your mouth.  I know what it is I NEED to do in order to lose weight.  I know what foods are good for me, and what foods are not.  My fridge is FULL of fruits and veggies, yet when I'm on the run, I'll choose fast food instead of an apple.  When I'm out at a grocery store, I am not disciplined enough to say no to the junk food, no to the sweets, no to my daughter who begs for brownies or cookies.  Discipline.  Not the type of discipline needed to make a child mind his parents, but the discipline I must instill in my own life ....  words to think about this week.


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