Malware, Virus - System Restore

My oldest daughters' laptop got hit with some type of infection last weekend. All files gone, computer wouldn't start, and a pop up box kept telling her she needed to perform a System Restore, and it would cost $$$. Of course, I knew that System Restore should not cost anything - so figured it was some type of virus. I ran McAfee full scan, didn't find much, but found enough to get her back up and running, but didn't find the answer to where her files went.

Fast forward to yesterday - my own computer, infected with the same virus, but my computer has tons more information that can't be lost. Of course, I have a removable hard drive where I back up my info, so I wasn't so worried, but I need my computer everyday for work related stuff. I had McAfee running 24/7 - so knew it wasn't going to help. On to the net for a fix, and stumbled across Malwarebytes Anti-Malware download. Skeptical, I downloaded it. OMG - it not only found the problem, the forums took me step by step on how to "un-hide" all my files. Went to dd's laptop, unhid her files, downloaded the same Malware software, and wham, she's all good too.

Right now I'm using the free Pro edition of Malwarebytes - but when it expires in 14 days, you can be sure I will be purchasing the full edition. Thanks Tech Spot for providing help when I really needed it !


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