Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer is 1/2 over already

Wow, time does fly.  It's been a hard summer so far - dh left at the end of May for what was supposed to be one month overseas.  If he does come home next week - it'll have been 2 months !  That's 2 months of having 4 kids involved in 2 sports, and umpteen tenants.  I handled a couple of evictions, and inspection, purchased one new property, and made a few repairs here and there.  I learned how to take out windows and reinstall them, as well as keeping our own grass cut, and having a wonderful veggie garden this year.  We spent the 4th of July out on a boat - watching the fireworks in Atlantic City - that was awesome and certainly memorable.  We're planning on taking the same boat fishing this Friday - hoping we can stock the freezer with fresh fish before hubby gets home !
Also had a great time last weekend at Princeton University.  Leenah swam some awesome times, and I'm beginning to see the wonderful young lady she is going to become.  So talented, and such a hard worker, very proud of her !

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