How To Replace the Pump on your Front Load Washer

My washer went out last Friday.  I did some online research - just for the Sears dude to come out - $169 - and that didn't include the cost of the part.  Further research showed that I could buy the part online - but shipping charges were outrageous.  Luckily - dh knows a guy, who knows a guy, who owns an appliance store, and was able to pick me up one the very next day.  Took me all of about 1 hour to change it out, and run a test load.  Figured I'd share some photos - in case some other DIY'er wanted to save some $$$.  Oh, and how did I know the pump wasn't running - it started leaving my laundry wet a few weeks ago, not soaking wet, but wet enough I'd run the spin cycle again.  Then on Friday my laundry was dripping wet, and there was still water left in the tub.  Simple fix - make sure to unplug the washer first !

Step 1 - assemble your tools.  My toolbox is hidden in a shoebox.  If you are married, and you own your own tools - do not share with your husband - or you will never, ever find your tools again.  Hide them, and hide them well, and never, ever let anyone share them.

Step 2 - when draining the broken pump, you're going to unscrew that white cap.  MAKE SURE TO HAVE PLENTY OF TOWELS ON HAND.  This is going to get messy.  Trust me.  I used extra large cookie sheets under the washer, and kept emptying them into a bucket, but still managed to soak a dozen or so towels (which was ok, cause I needed to run a test load when I was finished anyway)

This is the old pump
 Remove the old pump by unclipping the hoses that attach to both the drum (big black hose) and the pump itself (thinner white hose)  These just have clamps on them that you squeeze together.  I'm pretty strong, but I needed to use a pair of pliers to get that job done. 

The new pump looked nearly the same, but I noticed the "feet" were red instead of black, so figured I'd better read the directions.
This is the new pump

NOTICE - it does say slight modification is needed.  Good thing I decided to read the directions - it would have caused problems later.

This is the doohickey that needed to be modified.  See the little mohawk looking piece on the top - easy enough to remove with an exacto knife (which was in my shoebox, right where it belonged!)
These are the two pipes that you'll need to disconnect and reconnect.  The black one goes to the back of the pump and connects to the tube itself, the white one goes off the right side of the pump and takes the water out of the machine.  The directions said to access the black one you'd have to take off the back of the machine - I did that, but didn't find it necessary.  I was able to also take the entire black tube off to make sure it was clear (there is a ball in there - it's supposed to be there, but make sure the socks that have been missing for the past 2 years aren't stuck in that tube!)

See these feet - I had to change them out with the feet on the floor.  Just make sure that the feet match what ever you took out and you'll be golden.  Oh, and that red thing?  Had to take that out as well - and replace it with that screw.  Now, here's a kicker.  The screw didn't take a flat head screwdriver.  It didn't take a Phillips head screwdriver.  It needed some special screwdriver - which I didn't have, and wasn't about to go get - so I used an itty bitty screwdriver that I use when fixing my computer - probably ruined that, but it costs less than $1 to buy a new one !

There are wires connected to your machine on both the right and left sides of where you'll be working - easy enough to pop them out and move them out of your way, just make sure to pop them back in again.  Oh, see that metal tube?  There are 4 of them - they hold up the tub and let it spin around and bounce without shaking the entire floor.  One of mine had popped out (I noticed it when I had the back of the washer off - so I guess it was a good thing I took it off).  My 13yo daughter was able to slide it right back on while I held up the tub from the inside - and now my washer doesn't shake one little bit.)

By doing everything in reverse - putting the new pump back into the machine is a snap.  Reattach the two hoses - use a flashlight to make sure they are secure.  Reattached the little plastic piece (which provides power to the pump) - if you didn't make the adjustment earlier - it won't fit in.  Make sure everything is tight - put the wires back where they belong, and run a test load.  I kept the front of my kick plate off for that first load in case of leaks.  Wasn't any - and I was quickly able to catch up on all the laundry....

Here is the finished project.  Looking at this picture, I see my next project.  See that ugly floor tile?  One of the few "improvements" dh did when we bought the house.  I hate it.  Pink tile with black mortar.  What was he thinking?  I have a piece of carpeting in my laundry room that covers most of it ... but it still is yucky !


Kay said…
You Go Girl!! Now I know who to call when I need my washing machine fixed! The mileage might be pricey, but oh so worth it! ;o)

And that tile.... erg... what Was he thinking??
Marti said…
I hope I never need to know this, but thanks for the tutorial in case I ever do. *crossed fingers, toes, eyes*

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