Design Wall Monday

It's that time again, to show what we've accomplished during the week, to check out what others are working at, check out Judy's site at Patchwork Times.  For me, this week was more about exploring EQ6, and designing my first quilt.  But then I realized that before I could begin actually sewing on this project, I would need to finish SIL's quilt.  So I got 3 rows set, I do like how the rows will join, so 2 more rows to go, 1 plain border, then off to the quilters it goes.  Here are the 3 rows I finished this weekend.

The picture actually posted sideways, and the colors are way off, but that's because I forgot to take a picture yesterday when the sun was out, and at 6 a.m. on the Jerzy shore - the sky is still very dark, and so is my office !  Anyway,  you get the basic idea of what the rows will look like - hopefully next week I'll have a finish pic to post !  And since you're here, I'd love any/all critical feedback on my first ever self-designed quilt from scratch using EQ6.  I did already order fabrics, but plenty of each color so feel free to suggest a change that you think would make this quilt better !  Thanks :)


Chris said…
Love them both, but the red is WOW!
QuiltSwissy said…
I love EQ! You designed a beautiful quilt. In a year you will have so many in there in your computer.

I play to keep my mind off other things when I have a few seconds to spare!

Cathy said…
Wow! Your SIL's quilt is lovely. All those diamonds.I wouldn't change a thing in the EQ quilt.
Vicki said…
The SIL is absolutely lovely. I have had my EQ6 for almost a year and I love it. I think your quilt is great and enjoy the entire process.
Becky said…
I like your design. If I were playing with it, I would try adding more of the light blue in the border, perhaps where the pink is. However, I might try that, then think, oh, too much blue. That's what makes EQ so wonderful. I love diamonds, and think your SIL is very lucky. If she decides she doesn't like it, I would take great care of it for you!
Susan said…
The first quilt is stunning. So unusual.

Your quilt design looks a bit difficult but I really like it. One day I simply must learn to use my EQ.

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