Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congrats to my new Second Grader

Little man is finishing up first grade.  Never thought this little 1 pound 3 ounce 23 weeker would turn into this strong, healthy young man.  I thank God for him each and every day. 

This first picture is of one of his classmates - it was her dad that took such excellent photos and emailed them to me - both her mom and dad were very involved all year, which as a homeroom mom, I really appreciated!

The "graduation party" started off with a show for the parents - they all were flowers ... and they were surprisingly loud flowers .

They also did a song on money - each child was some denomination of money - Adam was the dime !
My second oldest daughter loves being in his classroom, and the kids all love her.  Adam's teacher, Ms. Ludgate, gave all the kids beach buckets filled with nifty gifts - including way cool sun glasses !
I usually take all the kids with me when I go to Adam's parties, as homeroom mom, it was my job to make sure everyone had a good time - and it was much easier with 3 extra set of hands - plus the kids loved them, because they were more their size !
Great Job Adam -   and I know you'll do really well in second grade.  Both Daddy and I are proud of everything you have accomplished !


Judy Gvili said...

Wonderful pictures!!!!

Kay said...

Yay! Photos of everyone (well... not Dad, but he's rarely in them ever.) But Yay for photos of everyone else, especially Mom!

And Congratulations Mr. Adam!! I remember well when you were that little tiny, too-soon peanut we all prayed for. Have fun in 2nd grade!
Miss Kay in Nebraska