Thursday, October 29, 2009

Serious Shopping, catching up

Finally feel as if I'm 100% back on track. I really like my new WW leader, school at home with Calvert is moving right along - with very little complaining, house is clean, and I even have a menu for the week and a grocery list.

I found a new exercise program online - haven't received the DVD's yet, but I've been using the free interval workouts they have online and I love them ! They use my heart rate monitor that I already have - and boy, I can certainly tell the difference. Then on Monday I went to the new gym and had my free 1 hour session with the trainer - it was hard, but I managed everything. BUT - the next day .... heaven help me. Just today I can finally bend my arms again. I guess that's what I get for telling the trainer I wanted the bottom of my arm to stop waving goodbye at the same time my hand did !

Some great online deals lately - - cannot believe the prices of shoes - and they have hard to find sizes as well. I think I posted about my Ugg deals last month (5 pairs for less than $60). I also got some sneaks, and ordered some new boots for all of us just this week (at $9.99 pair - these boots usually sell for over $75 !) Of course, now I have no more reason to buy shoes ... but I'll be keeping a close eye on this store.

Vitamuffins - if you eat these - subscribe to Hungry Girl's website. She sends out a daily email - so it doesn't cram up your emailbox, but every now and again she'll post a good special. Yesterday it was vitamuffins, buy one case, get one case free ! And only the chocolate ones were in the case !! Couldn't beat it. So I now have breakfast for me for the next 2 months !

Oh, and today's picture of the day - Adam's hat - at his school this week they are focusing on drugs (don't ask me why 5 and 6yo's need an entire week to focus on drugs?) so Tuesday was "Put a Cap on Drugs" - this is what he wore ...

Love that Boy !


Marti @ The Next Fifty Years said...

LOL, too cute! I love Adam's hat. Good luck with the new gym. I've never done that but maybe I should. My upper arms start waving after my hand and continue long afterward.

I thought it was expected at my age and hate to disappoint anyone. ;)

Kay said...

Thanks Sweetie for the 6pm tip. Just ordered some shoes for standing at work. $17.95, I can do that!