Saturday, October 4, 2008

October 4, 2008

Hello blogging world ! AFter a short haitus - I'm back. As some of you know, we just finished 30 days of fasting, followed by 3 days of celebration, and I'm proud to say that I only gained .2 lbs during that 3 day celebration. I did have 1 doughnut the first day - dh brought home an entire dozen after the party - and I'm also very proud of me that I didn't have one of those !! I also joined the gym (free 1 month membership for teachers) and met with a personal trainer - Ivan. He set up my first workouts - lots of reps at low weights - just to get in condition. Plus, 5 minute warm up on the treadmill, and 30 minutes any type cardio. Today, after my WW meeting, I was going to go grocery shopping, as per my norm, but I saw Ivan through the window of the gym, and I figured it was the perfect time to get a workout in. So, #1 for the week is in. Still need to hit my 30 minutes cardio - I may do that tomorrow morning. We'll see how the day plays out.

Need to get back to journaling and planning. Since I didn't have to cook for nearly 30 days, I did a major re-stocking of my fridge, only bought good foods, but now I need to plan out my meals. Lots of paperwork to get caught up on, and ds is going for eye surgery later in the week - so need to get hopping !

Oh, almost forgot - I just love all the shoes we've received from shoe trader - I don't know if they'll ever have a $9.99 sale again, but they do have free shipping both ways (and I've returned about 4 pairs out of the dozens we've ordered, and haven't had a problem getting credits on my credit card). Anyway - get 10% off through the link below.


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Have a great weekend !


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