Sunday, September 14, 2008

Homeroom mom? Me?

Yep, me, the homeschooling mom is also now my son's homeroom mom. Too funny, but I think we'll both enjoy it. Plus, I'm financially able to supply the class with some fun stuff - so it'll be good for everyone year round.

Big dinner tonight. About 20 people. Everything on the grill - except green bean casserole and rice. I'll be busy later, but for now - I'm relaxing. Steam cleaned all the carpets yesterday - so just a quick dusting, and I'm ready.

Need to go check out some stuff for Halloween stuff for the classroom - Of course, Oriental Trading is the place to go.

Free Shipping on $60+ Oriental Trading Company Coupon: RLS100 exp 9/30

with the free shipping, I'll probably order stuff for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays as well.

WW was great this week - down 2.6. It's a good start - just gotta keep it going that direction.


Farmee said...

That's cool, duck. Sounds like you're full of ideas for the class and the weight loss is on track.

FYI, I took my blog down.

Let's talk soon.

Anonymous said...

I think you will be an awesome 'room mom'! And way to go on your weight loss, keep it up!