Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last Week In Egypt

One more week left - and I'm ready to go home. We still haven't left dh's hometown. It was ok for the first couple of weeks - but now I'm feeling smothered. Yes, we have our own apartment here - but it's only 2 bedrooms - much smaller then "home". Plus, we do most of our eating at MIL's - and I miss my own cooking LOL.

We have done some shopping - got a couple wonderfully warm robes for myself, and 4 pairs of shoes. Seems big feet are not all that rare in Egypt - nice. Got some clothes for the girls as well. They stopped swimming a couple weeks ago - seems like the outside pool finally got too cold for them. The coach called last week to let us know it was being heated - but I'm wondering just how they heat an Olympic size outdoor pool???

I know we will spend a couple days in Cairo - we have to return our minivan to storage - and we usually do that 2 days before we are scheduled to leave - in case of problems. We'll take the chance to do some shopping there as well.

I think the kids are ready to go as well - they keep asking how much longer....sometimes vacations can last too long - - -

Can't wait to get back on track with my eating - drinking bottled water all the time means you have to ration it - so no drinking my full 8 glasses each day. I'm assuming I gained some weight - hard to tell when you are in loose clothes most of the time - very rarely do I put on my jeans. Hopefully it won't be too hard to get off - I will figure out a schedule when I get home so that I reach my goal weight by October 31 - - -

Probably my last check in before I get home. To my WW buddies - keep my spot in the back row open - I'll be there the first Saturday in January !!



Farmee said...

YEAH!!! You're coming back...have missed ya! Happy Eid

TobyBo said...

Miss seeing you on the board.

~ Toby