Checking in From Egypt

WE've been here almost 2 weeks already - boy, time sure does fly. Dial up only here in the small town where dh grew up - so no pictures to share yet. We usually don't stay here more than a week - but the girls are swimming with the Egyptian team here - in a olympic training pool - so they aren't ready to go anywhere yet. They don't really understand everything the coaches are showing them - but they are getting a chance to swim - and that is the world in their book !!

I've been watching the sweets - you can easily go overboard with that here. I think my weight is just about the same. It was down the first week - as I am very careful about consuming anything that contains the local water - but as my body becomes acustom to the changes - I'm able to eat just about anything (although I still won't drink the water unless I know there is a filter - here I buy bottled !)

We're really not missing much from back home - certainly not the cold weather. Weather here is just about perfect - 80 during the day and 60 at night. No mosquitoes either - which is strange. MIL has been doing all of the cooking - so I've taken over dishwashing duty. It's the least I can do - since she is now cooking for an additional 6 people !! Our schedules have changed completely - now we don't go to bed until about 3 and sleep until noon. I'm actually liking spending the late night time watching TV with dh - something we rarely do at home - since I'm usually up at the crack of dawn. I think one of my New Years resoloutions is to rearrange my schedule to spend more time with dh.

I miss doing school with the girls - I think we're already getting a bit rusty. I had them doing some math problems - just to keep their minds active - but since they've been speaking more and more in Arabic everyday - they aren't just having fun LOL

I'll check back in when I can - dial up SUCKS ~



Farmee said…
Did Miss M. get my birthday card? Miss ya...

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