Back to School = Back on Schedule

While I LOVE summer, I do miss having a schedule and knowing where we'll be each day and what we'll be doing, and more importantly .... what's for dinner !!

I use Plan To Eat to plan my meals as well as get my grocery list together.  

Then I post it so the kids don't ask a gazillion times "What's for dinner tonight?"

Some of these are new recipes, others are recipes I've adapted.   If something strikes me as outstandingly good this year, I'm going to try and make sure I have it either linked here, or I post the recipe.  

This week I just signed up for AMAZON Fresh .... they will be delivering my groceries Monday morning (holiday weekend or I probably could have gotten sooner).   I saved $50 off my $150 order by using FRESH50 in the Promo Box.   I've heard some great things about the delivery service - so I'll give it a shot.  Prices of meat I thought were high, so I may have to hit the grocery store for anything I don't have in the freezer, but I can easily see myself doing a weekly shopping trip on Amazon and then just hitting the butcher, or Shoprite for meats.  


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