What You Do With Now

I recently started a new weight loss program.  Well, not really.  It is a lifestyle change.  Small, little changes that add up.  Focus more on whole foods.  Using natural sweeteners. 

Anyway - I stumbled across a post from 2012 on this website and I wanted to remember the words, so I figured I'd share it here so I always had access to it.

What You Do With Now

It is not your fault. But it is your responsibility.

The choices you have made have brought you to where you are now. And so have other factors that are completely beyond your control.

There's nothing to be gained by blaming yourself for the way your life has unfolded. There's everything to be gained by actively taking full responsibility for the way your life proceeds.

The route you traveled to this point no longer matters, for nothing can be done to change it. What truly matters is what you do with now.

Life is always unpredictable, yet there's something you can count on. The more sincerely and diligently you give yourself to the living of it, the more life will go your way.

In this moment is every possibility. Take responsibility for it all, and bring the best of those possibilities to life.

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This is something I need to share with my oldest daughter.   She is stuck in the past.  Most of what she dwells on is not her fault, nothing she could have changed.  She is amazing.  She graduate young, and is going to finish college with 2 degrees within 3 1/2 years.  Have I mentioned she is amazing.  She is just one reason I am going on this journey.  


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