Journey with a Personal Trainer

Started my journey using a personal trainer yesterday morning.  I has been so easy to find excuses NOT to go to the gym.  But then my son joined the crew team.  
Adam bagging Groceries June 2018

This is him last weekend bagging groceries for a weekend fundraiser.  He loves crew.  I love him.  I want to be around for a long time to bug him :)    Anyway, now that High School crew is over, he and one of his boat mates decided they were going to join the gym and work out.  I already belonged to the gym (but never went)   So his coach is also a trainer, and was willing to work with the boys, so the other parent and I spent the hour chatting while on the treadmill, and just like that, I fell in love with the gym again.  So after a couple of days watching the boys work out with their trainer, and me on a treadmill, I texted him and asked if he was willing to work with an out of shape, overweight parent, and here's the kicker, my free time is at 5 a.m.   Not only way he willing, he was there BEFORE me yesterday (truth be told, I was 2 minutes late, highly unlike me)   It felt WONDERFUL to be pushing weights again.  But this morning ??  I'm thinking of getting a straw for my coffee cup so I don't have to pick it up.  My legs are fine, but my shoulders and elbows?  Yikes, I am OUT of shape.  

I can't wait for tomorrow morning to do it again :)

This crew mom is going to get into shape, and this time next year I am going to be more active, and hopefully inspiring others that they are never too old to change their lifestyles !!


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